The Mobile App for Social Savings Groups

Now in Alpha Testing

Join with us to build the ultimate app for social savings groups. ChamaPesa can take your chama to a whole new level by putting the record keeping and the money itself on the members' phones. ChamaPesa uses a blockchain to make your savings group transparent, accountable and reliable.

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Manage your members and your profile using your phone or tablet.


Members may save using mobile money, bitcoin or cash.


Supports many kinds of savings groups, including rotating and share capital.


All data is encrypted and backed up to the cloud. Lost phone, no problem.

ChamaCoin - the Token for the ChamaPesa Dapp

From shares to cash to Bitcoin, the ChamaPesa Dapp manages financial value for the members. ChamaPesa will charge a small transaction fee (1/2% or less) on every transaction. These transaction fees will be automatically converted into ChamaCoin tokens.

Rather giving that value to miners or stockholders, ChamaPesa gives 80% of the value we collect on transaction fees back to the community in the form of incentives, which will be paid into the ChamaCoin rewards pool.

The other 20% will go to the development team(s) upon release of improved versions of the ChamaPesa dApp.

The ChamaCoin Rewards Pool will be used to reward the following activities that build the value of the ChamaPesa community. Rewards will be automatically paid out daily.

Recruit New Users and Chamas
ChamaPesa will reward members who recruit and train new users and groups how to use ChamaPesa for their group.
Assurances & Guarantees

ChamaPesa will reward users who make assurances and guarantees of other users.

Good Behavior Over Time

ChamaPesa will reward users who "level up" in terms of the assurances and guarantees, good behavior, and total savings.


ChamaPesa is under active delopment. Currently we have the ability for savings groups to set up accounts in shares and local currency. Here are some of the features we are creating to make it easy to run your chama on the phone.

Chama or SACCO

ChamaPesa will support both rotating clubs and investment groups that issue share capital.

Funding Choices

Members may fund their savings with mobile money, bitcoin, alt-coins, or cash.

Assurances & Guarantees

Keep records of assurances and guarantees that the members made for each other.

Loans & Repayment

Keep accurate records of loans and repayments by the members.

Access to Cryptocurrency

Easy access to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other alt-coins, including ChamaCoin.


All members of the group have access to the books on their phone. Nothing can be done in secret.


ChamaPesa is presently "in alpha testing" which means features are still being developed. Here is what it looks like!

Let's Talk About the Tech

ChamaPesa currently uses Ian Grigg's Ricardo Transaction Suite, which was a precursor of Bitcoin. We are creating a new hybrid that distributes Ricardo on a blockchain. Using this to support the ChamaPesa Identity Model, we will bring three new technical applications to the field of financial cryptography.

ChamaPesa Identity Model

By combining social profiles with group membership, assurances, guarantees and arbitration, we get a trust model where the members have "skin in the game."

Ricardian Litechains

Each savings group benefits from transparency, but do not want the entire world to see their data. A "Ricardian Litechain" is a lightweight blockchain for the members of a single small group.

Distributed Contracts

ChamaPesa will enable the creation of asset-backed Ricardian contracts where the assets are distributed and held by the member groups, thus decentralizing both the server and the assets.

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ChamaPesa is an initiative of Solidus Limited located in Hamilton, Bermuda.

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